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The Life of Cutty TV
Our first movie is a 6-year anniversary rewind, breaking down some of our best episodes, so you can learn all about our journey!
You get to hear exclusive stories of what was going on behind the scenes of our first 6 years.

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Watch this exclusive series and hear all about sunnie's debut album and her inspiration behind her music.

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Rockstar Major

Watch this exclusive series and hear all about Rockstar Major's path to his big deal with BMF and life now in DC.

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Watch this exclusive series and hear about the backstory of Cityboistreets and bone thugs n Harmony and his life in LA.

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Studio View 

We have created an app called Studio View, which allows you to book studio time anywhere in the country directly from your phone. We are the first ever location-based app for studio booking. We are always looking for more studio owners to sign up for FREE - Find the app at www.studioviewapp.com

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Cutty TV is a platform for individual creatives to give them a voice. We started in New Jersey in 2015 in Edgewater Park NJ. Since then we have helped thousands of independent artists!

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The Cutty Card 

The Cutty Card, The all in one business card

We have created an all-in-one business card for all creatives and individuals who are looking to share information with the tap of a card. You can tap this card on the back of someone's phone and they will be able to get the information you have on here.
Here is the live testing of it below!
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"How To Become The Perfect Artist"
Written by Cutty

This book was Cutty TV's first book publication. It went #1 on the new releases charts on Amazon 24 hours after release. It also debuted at #3 on the best sellers list. This book has changed thousands of lives, and we invite you to change yours. This book teaches you all the fundamentals of being a music artist. You can learn the importance of recording down to social media promotion. Only 9.99 on Amazon! "How To Become The Perfect Artist." 

How to become the perfect artist book written by cutty

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Written by Cutty

This book is a new release. Guppie a story of a rare fish with a dream bigger than anyone around could see. When his brother Davell get purchased, he is ready to turn his dream into a reality. A perfect bedtime story for the kids teaching them to chase their dreams. Only 14.99 on Amazon! "Guppie" 

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