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So Gaudy talks about what he would say to his younger self and advice for the up and comings

Cutty TV is a platform for individual creatives to give them a voice. We started in New Jersey in 2015 in Edgewater Park NJ. Since then we have helped thousands of independent artists!

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Check out our artist! "Taj AnnMarie"

Say Hello to Taj AnnMarie

Taj AnnMarie is a traphall music artist out of New Jersey, She has very versatile styles being rapping and dancing. She also digs into her culture and brings out the Caribbean in her music. Her music is a style of Jamaican rap that you can dance to. Her debut single is coming very soon and will be available on this website for you all to hear!

Follow Taj AnnMarie - www.instagram.com/tajannmarie/

Have you seen the Cutty Card?

The Cutty Card

We have created an all-in-one business card for all creatives and individuals who are looking to share information with the tap of a card. You can tap this card on the back of someone's phone and they will be able to get the information you have on here.
Here is the live testing of it below!

Coming April 2021! "How To Become The Perfect Artist Book" Written by Cutty

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