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Cutty the owner of Cutty TV LLC
Cutty From Cutty TV
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Who is Cutty?

Cutty is an Entertainment Mogul out of NJ, who made Cutty TV to assist the independent scene. He created the company to give the youth opportunities to do something more in life and give the smaller people a voice. The main goal of Cutty TV is to teach and give out worthy opportunities.

What is Cutty TV?

Cutty TV is an award winning entertainment platform open for all creative individuals, we have worked with comedians, fashion designers, music artist, and small businesses all around the USA. We have open opportunities for music artist by sending them on tour, and also we have given opportunities to models by putting them in fashion shows. We find out what is missing in the creative's path and help them get to where they need to be. We are here to give the smaller people a voice.

Cutty TV Interview W/ So Gaudy
So Gaudy interview with Cutty where he talks about his life in Las Vegas

Who can we expect to see on Cutty TV?

You can mainly expect to see an indie artist on Cutty TV that is what Cutty TV was built for. We wanted to give indie artists another platform to express themselves. You can also expect to see a lot of other creatives also we have expanded so much throughout the years. It's no type of talent Cutty TV doesn't spread light on. In recent years, we have worked with comedians, fashion, and more! So you can definitely expect a little bit of everything.

Cutty TV special merchandise
Cutty TV Merchandise (Summer of 18')

Does Cutty TV have more then just film?

Cutty TV over the years has expanded very much. We have a podcast we made back in 2020 "82 Secs W/ Cutty". Where we gave advice to the indie artist on steps they can take to help enhance their career and to stay updated with current events. We also have had multiple collector's items for sale for our supporters to wear. We also have made the Cutty Card which is for business owners its an all in one business card and recently releasing a book. The book is called "How to become the perfect artist"

Overall, Cutty TV is an independent platform built for all creatives in any way we can help! We assist with promotion and marketing, Film making, Photography, event planning, and much more! We want to give the people another resource!

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Cutty tv merchandise in Las Vegas

Cutty TV Merchandise being worn in Las Vegas NV (June 2021)

Cutty TV First Award 2022 OKCA Music Festival (Oklahoma City,OK)