Cutty TV Music 

Cutty TV has dropped three mixtapes since being a business. Our goal for every mixtape is different, we want to show the world that the indie sound is just as important as the mainstream sound. So every mixtape is done with professionals behind the scenes to give the best quality. Some notable names are Desmond Dennis and Merc Beatz who worked on the Savage Year Series. In 2020 Worldwide Tunes was introduced where we worked with artists all around the country to give you a different sound on every track. 

Savage Year Volume 1

Savage Year Volume 1 came out in 2017 and was a major project for us. This was our first introduction into the music industry and our first shot to show the world we had an ear for music. The mixtape did 10K its first week and has a lot of favorites on it. What is your favorite track on Savage Year Volume 1?

Savage Year Volume 2

Savage Year Volume 2 was released the year after Savage Year Volume 1 in 2018. The follow-up project was completely mixed and mastered by Merc Beatz. This project is a full NJ project from the graphic designer (French Summers) to the producers, all the way down to every artist on this project. This project is a stamp for NJ music and did major news when it came out hitting 10K the first 26 hours after release. The guest stars on the tape compliment every artist on this project. Whats your favorite track from Savage Year Volume 2?

Worldwide Tunes

Worldwide tunes was the breakout project for us. This was the project where we went outside the east coast and worked with artists across the country. This mixtape has different types of genres of music on it. From R&B to rap to pop you can find a little bit of everything on this mixtape. Every artist on this mixtape is Indie and has a sound of their own. You can definitely find a song you like on this tape for sure. What's your favorite track from Worldwide Tunes? 

We have way more music coming soon! Just stay tuned!